Professional and Trade Publishing

Professional & Trade Publishing

Professional and trade publishers the world over encounter a common challenge: how can they remain competitive, and how can their content remain authoritative, while still ensuring quick time to market? Although this is a significant enough question by itself, the responsibility of preserving ethical peer review is also omnipresent. As a result, being on top of your game in this segment can seem like a mammoth task.

But with the superb, scalable publishing solutions employed by TDI Digital Solutions, publishers in trade and professional circles can reap benefits like never before.

At TDI, our processes are always in keeping with the ever-evolving pace and changing market demands of the end consumer. As the landscape of the publishing world has transformed, and so have we.

Our industry knowledge, coupled with our technological expertise, allows us to have elegant, smart content solutions geared to be true game-changers for trade and professional publishers.

As full-service providers, we are adept at every step in the value chain of trade and professional publishing:

Our efficient workflows have been appreciated by publishers worldwide. Our multichannel delivery automation enables our customers to expand their reader and subscriber base by unprecedented increases, thus having a direct positive impact on their revenue generation.

Our enriched content solutions span both the print and online domains. The industries we cater to include everything from law, finance and business management, to technology, architecture, education, and behavioral health.

Our value-added, customer-centric, consultative practices allow TDI to forge long-standing ties with our customers that allow us to transcend the role of service providers. Instead, we become true partners and take pride in contributing to their growth stories.