Rich Media and Animation Solutions

Rich Media & Animation Solutions

Digital content today is not an exception, but rather, the norm. Just like in every other walk of life, technology evolution has also transformed customer perception and demand in the world of publishing, media, and content consumption.

At TDI Digital Solutions, we are acutely aware of changing customer requirements in the publishing landscape, and we are more than prepared to cater to them. Digital content development and innovation in the field is one of our core proficiency areas.

Without compromising on the creativity or security of content, we have risen to the challenge of presenting smart digital content across a broad spectrum of e-Books, e-Magazines, 2D & 3D animations, and a variety of apps.

Our digital services portfolio for publishers includes, but is certainly not limited to:



We excel at crafting accurate documentation of different types of content in a manner your end-customers desire. Our trained professionals build, design, deploy, and manage the state-of-the-art technology required to do so.

Consequently, whether it is to produce a fifth-grade workbook, a bestseller novel, research reports, medical or financial data, or any other customized content, we enable you to simplify the most complex content requirements through our scalable technology solutions.

Our vast array of engaging E-books are a delight to explore, a breeze to navigate, and a true marvel of seamless technology meant to make the user’s experience truly memorable.


App Development

The interactivity provided by an app is much in demand in today's marketplace.

Print media aside, not even the best of websites or other forms of online content are able to keep pace with the dimension of user engagement afforded by a well-made, smart app.

The proliferation of a huge variety of mobile devices, for example, the iPhone and iPad, or the increasing number of alternatives, such as Android devices, has spurred the mainstream development of apps.

At TDI, our technological prowess coupled with our rich domain experience enables us to develop publishing-specific apps for a diverse range of purposes, such as:

  • Simulations and scenario-based learning
  • Educational games
  • Interactive e-Books
  • Interactive assessments
  • Medical demos

For a truly top-notch experience that reflects your brand, what better way to ensure the flow of consistent digital content to your audience, if not through an app?


2D-3D Animations

We pride ourselves on our all-around capabilities that encompass all your publishing requirements.

The stunning 2D and 3D animations our team can develop are one of the many ways that we are able to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

Based on the project requirements, our team of skilled designers and visualizers create rich graphics in accordance with individual customer specifications. We also create beautiful user interfaces (UI) and screen layout designs. Let us show you how the cleverness and contemporary nature of these graphics and animations will invariably exceed your expectations.