Education Publishing

Education Publishing

Producing content worthy enough to be published in the vast world of education requires a different kind of mind-set. The level of innovation, interactivity, engagement, and novelthought that is needed for the content to become truly unique is not easy to find.

At TDI Digital Solutions, we have what it takes to captivate the fertile imagination of today’s students.

Possessing in-depth knowledge of education and a real passion for making a difference in transforming the face of educational publishing, our professionals work hard to deliver genuinely thought-provoking and attractive content designed to make learning a pleasure.

Besides elementary and secondary learning, we also cater to requirements in higher Education, including such subjects as science, mathematics, business and accounting, engineering, and computers.

Keeping abreast of the constantly changing trends in this market is compulsory for giving our content a competitive edge. Our publishing professionals ensure that the richness, accuracy and depth of content across disciplines are exemplary.

While our editorial team channels its writing, editing and research experience towards fine-tuning the content, the design team concentrates on providing the perfect complementary illustrations and design-elements. Meanwhile, the technical team is constantly striving to develop more flexible and agile multichannel deliverables with seamless transitions and superior readability.

Our service offerings for the school and higher education segment include: